Summer is such an exciting time at Camp Jacob. We are thrilled to have you join us for a week of fun-filled adventure and individual spiritual growth.

Camper Guidelines:


BRING: Bible, appropriate clothes, bedding, towels, washcloths, toiletries, notebook, pencil, modest swimsuit, jacket, rain gear, flashlight, athletic shoes, sunscreen, and spending money.

DO NOT BRING: Cell phones, iPods, Apple watches, or other electronic devices, magazines, weapons of any sort, tobacco, vaping and e-cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, drugs, fireworks, or clothing with inappropriate advertising or language.



Dressing modestly is an integral part of showing respect for ourselves, others and the Lord. During our weeks at camp, campers are very active and busy. Clothing that is too tight or loose is not conducive to our level of activity our campers will experience.

Please adhere to the following standards:

  • All undergarments must be covered (including bra straps, waistband of boxers, etc).
  • Midriffs (front and back of the torso) must be covered.
  • Oversized arm holes on T-shirts or tank tops are not allowed on boys or girls.
  • Shorts should be knee-length for both boys and girls.
  • Any clothing that requires constant adjustment (pulling down or up, tugging at seams or straps) should not be worn at camp.
  • Swimsuits for female campers may be a one-piece or tankini. If a camper decides to wear a two-piece, she must wear a shirt or a cover. Male camper must wear traditional swimming trunks. Campers will wear their clothes over their swimsuits when moving to and from the lake.
  • Clothing with off-color or immoral advertising is not allowed.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please do not send anything “NEW” to camp. Clothing (including shoes, socks, and towels) may be damaged, lost, or destroyed during camp. The director reserves the right to require any camper to change his or her outfit if considered inappropriate. The camp also reserves the right to discharge any non-cooperative or non-compliant camper.


Camper Check-In

Campers will check-in at the Lodge upon arriving at camp.

Please have all medication labeled with instructions attached.

If you are pre-paying for snack shop for the week, please have that money ready and labeled.

Check-In: 3-6 PM

Depart: 10-11 AM