Registration in TWO steps!

Step 1


Click on the week your child(ren) will be with us to register:




Note: Since the form is secure, you will fill out some basic information and then an email will be sent to you to complete the rest! When you begin the form, fill out all of the kids that will be coming to camp. By the way, here is the good news... Next year all of your camper information will be saved!

After you have completed registration, you will be asked to pay. If you choose to pay online, great! Securely enter your card information and you'll be all done. If you choose to pay via check, select "pay later" and submit the registration. We will follow up with you about how you'd like to pay.

Step 2

Every camper must have a 'Health Waiver' on file with the camp. You can complete the form below. Please submit a form for every camper in your family. If your child will be with us for more than one camp week, they only need to complete it once.

If the form below does not work, you can also click here.